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Digital Consultancy

Boost your Digital Marketing supported by professionals

Trust our senior consultants to support your projects & team

A replacement or a specific mission, our digital marketing experts support you in the short or medium term.

Managing all aspects of your DIGITAL MARKETING

  • Communication strategy and your advertising purchases
  • Management of your social media
  • Your search engines
  • Your visual & editorial strategy
  • Optimisation of your website
  • Analysis of your user & website data
  • Lead Generation
  • Native Advertising Content Integration
  • Influencer marketing

Our Digital Consultancy approach

A caring & human-sized digital consultancy service.

We guide you through all the possibilities that digital marketing has to offer.

How do we work? The question is important & the answer even more so.

This is the approach we take because it pays off in every assignment we do.

1. An interview with our team

It is important for our team to have a meeting with you to :

  • go through your briefing together,
  • understand your concrete objectives.

Visibility, Consideration, Engagement, Conversion, Sales, ROI, Presence Optimisation, Strategic Campaign, Tactical Campaign,…

Digital is rich in opportunities, let’s define together the one(s) of our consulting mission at your place.

2. Our proposal & Pricing

You’ve done your part of the job! 🙂

We will come back to you with a complete offer to carry out your project: our intervention, timeline & our pricing.

In terms of pricing, we don’t work with fixed prices for certain types of projects:

we will make you a collaboration offer based on the actual hours we work for you.

3. Availability, meetings and follow-up

Do you agree with our proposal? Great, let’s set up an efficient collaboration! Let’s draw up an agenda together that suits us all. This agenda includes the times we plan to work together & regular meetings to follow up on our assignment.

We promote teamwork. To do this, we either immerse ourselves in the day-to-day reality of your activities if you can accommodate us, or we also have offices in Brussels & Flemish Brabant to work together on your project.

4. Full transparency

Who is behind our Digital Consultancy service?

There’s no hiding between us!  Our transparency is as important as the quality of execution we offer!

Discover our team: fathers of families… or to become, digital experts with a complete professional background & who offer their services to advance your projects in Digital Marketing.

Discover our team here.

How can you be sure that we can meet your digital expectations?

Whatever your communication objective (and your budget!), our teams offer you a solution so that your digital marketing can be supported & supervised by real professionals.

In our business, briefing is very important.

In this case, it’s your brief that matters: let’s determine your digital needs so that we can respond with the most appropriate digital approach.

It is indeed on the basis of this brief & all the details it contains that we can activate the levers specific to your ambitions.

Depending on your objectives, a large number of parameters are relevant to analyse. During a meeting with our experts, we will not fail to go through with you those that are relevant to your development needs.

Here are some key examples:

Your audience
  • Who are they?

  • Who are your digital prospects?
  • Who makes the buying decision?
  • Have you already analysed their attitudes on the Internet?
  • Where do they surf and what are they interested in?

All these elements, and many more, will help you identify them & create personas that are as close as possible to your business reality.

Your website
  • How many visitors come to your website?

  • Which page(s) do they go to? How long do they stay there?
  • How do they experience the navigation on your pages? Which button(s) did they click on?
  • Did they ask for more information about your services? Why didn’t they ?
  • Did you lose them or is it possible to contact them again? How can you do this?

The services offered on your site should be well promoted and the information clear. Let’s take the time to maximise the user experience aspect.

Your social networks
  • On which platform(s) should you be present?

  • Who is the Belgian audience that goes there?
  • How do you capture their attention?
  • What format should I use?
  • Do I need to advertise?
  • How often & what budget should I invest?
  • How many people am I likely to reach?

Social networks are multiplying & each one offers a large number of possibilities to put you forward.  Let’s define together the most appropriate ones for your presence.

Your Google tools
  • Which ones should you use?
  • Google Ads?  GA 4 ?  GTM, ?GDS,… ?
  • How much does it cost?
  • How can you be sure that they are well set up?
  • What data do you get out of it, which ones are interesting for you?

Google contains an indescribable amount of data that can be useful to manage your online activities. Let’s analyse the ones that will make your digital potential grow.

The benefits of our Digital Consultancy approach




Listening &

understanding of

your needs



& performances

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