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Good advice, regular coordination and a flexible schedule

are ideal to stimulate your talent!

Develop more than just the skills of your digital talent

Your team struggles to see the end of the tunnel.  A lack of reactivity stops you from implementing an effective digital strategy.

During the creation of your digital team, you may regularly encounter these difficulties.  And this can be difficult without good advice.

As a result, your digital ambitions and challenges are lost!

D-Asset offers you the possibility of personal coaching to guide and inspire your talents.

D-Asset has over 30 years of experience in managing digital teams. We have gathered the best practices to offer the most appropriate coaching.

The goal is to guide your Talent, develop their potential, reflexes and sense of organisation.

Our solution is part of a learning adaptation process so that your Talent can adapt and grow.

This method will allow them to implement solutions and action plans to achieve their operational objectives.

Our guarantees

Objective Solutions!

D-Asset’s Coaching solution is based on a collaborative process.

One of the fundamental points of this collaboration is that our coach is not meant to give direct answers.  They will advise your Talent to build their own solutions for each area of expertise.

We coach with a decision support approach, strategic thinking and continuous questioning.

Together, we will build the most appropriate schedule for your Talent.

Focused on your Talent

Together with you and your Talent, we will define your specific coaching objectives.

Depending on their profile and skills, we’ll draw up a personal development plan.

The end result will be that they will save time in executing their work and strategies.

Your Talent will improve their general and digital performances simultaneously.

Persistence and pace

Based on the defined objectives, we develop a progressive and structured program. The coaching sessions of your Talent will be organised on a weekly basis. This program includes :

  • Hours of individual coaching to share their questions and uncertainties. We will guide them to the most appropriate solutions.
  • Review of their work & cooperation with team & partners. This will help them to better manage their time.

Sessions 100% organised via video-call for better integration into their busy schedule.

Coaching that responds to your needs




of skills



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With more than 30 years of combined experience in digital marketing, D-Asset helps companies to internalise different areas of expertise. Social Media, SEA/SEO, Display/Video, Web Analytics, Web Redaction, Digital Marketing,...

Optimised staffing, concrete training, coaching and Follow up of your talent by a senior specialist... Seize all the opportunities offered by digital media with D-Asset!


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