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As the king of online sales and lead generation, Search Engine Marketing is an essential part of any digital strategy.
SEO or SEA, master the search engines with D-Asset!

A tailor-made search engine expert!


Search Engine Marketing is a unique discipline in the web ecosystem and is one of the most important channels for generating traffic. If properly mastered, it can generate several thousand qualified visits and increase the profitability of a website.

Recruiting a search marketing specialist is currently a very complex task on the Belgian market. Indeed, to be operational, the candidate must master both paid search (SEA) and natural search (SEO). This specialist must also have a solid knowledge of web analytics, ergonomics (UX), web texts


D-Asset will help you find and/or train the most suitable employee for your search engine marketing needs.

Depending on the resources available in your company, we can help you hire a new staff member or upgrade their skills. We will help this person acquire a solid foundation, and then guide him or her through the various actions.

A senior coach specialised in SEO and SEA will take care of developing the skills of your new talent.

SEO, SEA: many skills to master

Paid Search/SEA

Paid referrals, also known as sponsored link campaigns, are based on the display of advertisements in search engine results. Google represents 94% of this market in Belgium, so we are mainly talking about its advertising programme Google Ads. The other search engines also offer their own advertising solution (notably Bing Ads) but represent a residual volume in comparison.

A training course in SEA will enable your employee to master every step of the management of a Google Ads campaign, in particular

  • creating a Google Ads account;
  • structuring and setting up the different levels (campaigns, ad groups, keywords, etc.);
  • target groups and audiences;
  • creative formats;
  • use of artificial intelligence (smart bidding);
  • current and advanced optimisations;
  • reporting and presentation;
  • etc.







Natural referencing / SEO

Like SEA, natural referencing allows you to generate traffic from search engines, but this time without having to pay for each click. It is different from other media in that it is completely free, except for the time your teams spend on it.

An effective SEO strategy is based on the optimisation of several pillars:

  • the technical aspects of your website (loading speed, secure HTTPS connection, programming languages…);
  • The editorial content (text) and media (images, videos) of the pages of your site;
  • mentions and external links referring to your domain name;
  • indirectly, your brand authority and your activity on social networks.

Depending on your strategy, your Senior D-Asset expert will guide your Talent to quickly implement the necessary optimisations.

Web analytics & Presentation

Finally, good referencing of a website implies following the evolution of its positioning in order to take the necessary actions. This is why many monitoring tools are needed. D-Asset will make sure that your Talent can use them effectively:

  • Web Analytics, such as Google Analytics, Omniture or Mamoto;
  • Google Search Console;
  • Ranking list tracking software;
  • External link tracking software/backlinks;
  • crawl/indexability testing programme for your pages.

Your Talent will be progressively trained to extract the most relevant data. We will guide him to present them synthetically in a performance report adapted to your needs.


Some advantages for your business:

Facilitated/accelerated recruitment

Adaptable skills

Immediate operability

Progress in milestones


Budget optimisation

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With more than 30 years of combined experience in digital marketing, D-Asset helps companies to internalise different areas of expertise. Social Media, SEA/SEO, Display/Video, Web Analytics, Web Redaction, Digital Marketing,...

Optimised staffing, concrete training, coaching and Follow up of your talent by a senior specialist... Seize all the opportunities offered by digital media with D-Asset!


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