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An essential step, the statistical analysis of your web traffic (or Web Analytics) allows you to evaluate the effectiveness of your digital marketing. Rely on D-Asset to help you develop the skills of your talent!

Your customised Web Analyst!

With web analytics you can evaluate the efficiency and profitability of your website. The return on investment (ROI) can be calculated at the site level, but also for each lever (Social, SEA, SEO, Display/Video/Audio, Emailing…) or campaign. Web analytics is therefore essential for any digital strategy.

Google Analytics, Matomo, Adobe Analytics/ Omniture… Web Analytics tools are numerous and complex to understand.  The analyst will need to have a perfect technical knowledge of the software and best practices to be able to use its full potential.


D-Asset guides you to give your employee a perfect command of your Web Analytics software.  We will consolidate their knowledge through practical modules to make them operational quickly. The skills developed include :

  • account creation and configuration;
  • Installation of the detection script (+ detection of any bugs);
  • key metrics and leading indicators;
  • execution of A/B tests;
  • creating dashboards and reports;
  • etc.

A total mastery of your Web Analytics software

Configuration & Set-up

During his training, your Talent will learn in particular :

  • the different technologies (server vs. browser);
  • the tracking script (editing, generation, insertion, modification);
  • the configuration of a Web Analytics account;
  • advanced settings and filters;
  • linking with other platforms (Google Search Console, Google Ads, Search Console, DV360);
  • creating alerts.

Most trainings are based on your Google Analytics account, but other software can be used as well.

Analyse & Tests

Once your account is properly set up, we will help your Talent become familiar with the different KPIs and understand how they work and why they are important. In particular, your employee will be trained in the following:

  • Key Performance Indicators (KPIS);
  • Creating audiences;
  • System and custom segments;
  • Target and event settings
  • conversion funnels;
  • and more.
Reporting & Dashboarding

With a well-designed report, you can quickly identify any blockages and opportunities for growth. D-Asset supports your staff in running regular reports and optimising the efficiency of your website. This module includes the following points:

  • design of a dashboard (Google Analytics or Google Data Studio);
  • presentation of the results to a team;
  • making recommendations;
  • etc.

Your Talent will gradually be trained to extract the most relevant data. We will guide him/her to present them synthetically in a performance report adapted to your needs.


Some benefits for your company:

Easier/Faster recruitment

Customisable skills

Immediately operational



Budget optimisation

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With more than 30 years of combined experience in digital marketing, D-Asset helps companies to internalise different areas of expertise. Social Media, SEA/SEO, Display/Video, Web Analytics, Web Redaction, Digital Marketing,...

Optimised staffing, concrete training, coaching and Follow up of your talent by a senior specialist... Seize all the opportunities offered by digital media with D-Asset!


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