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Skills Development: our methodology

A 4-step approach…

Based on our experience and adaptable to your needs

A global approach to your digital marketing needs

Our Skills Development approach is the most logical response to the evolution of the market. It also allows you to gain skills or recruit in all specialties.

Let’s not forget the origins of D-Asset: we are senior digital experts, who have managed media campaigns for a large number of advertisers and industries. We have recruited and created teams of digital experts. We have trained and coached them to apply operational and strategic best practices.

Skills Development is a condensed version of all this…. for you!

Discover our approach step by step.

The 4 steps of our approach & the planning

The review of your digital needs and ambitions

Our approach starts with an initial assessment. This in-depth analysis has 2 specific goals:

  • Understanding your business: overview of your business model, current structure, market positioning
  • Identifying the necessary developments for your digital team: we can do this by taking a look at your team and its current capabilities, processes and tools. Not to mention your digital ambitions!

 Once our team has examined all this, we can propose step 2 of our approach.

Our solutions for your vision

Based on the results of this first step, the Roadmap will describe our concrete action plan. Its content will depend on your vision to which we will add our experience and recommendations.

If the development of your structure requires recruitment, we will include it in your roadmap. We are in touch with the market and will be able to connect you to young digital marketing graduates.

We are not a recruitment agency and are open to working with yours but we do offer recruitment support in digital marketing.

A personalised support

Once your team is complete, we can begin the third phaseSkills Development, which will bring together Training and Coaching components.

We will set up a regular training and coaching program for your chosen team member(s). Our programs will be personalised and adapted to their level to guide them in their new tasks/responsibilities.

We focus on dynamic training curricula & effective coaching that will enable them to take control of your digital investment. We focus on flexible modules to optimise their schedule.


A valuable post-training follow-up

To follow up and highlight the evolution of your Talent after their training and coaching, we complete the Skills Development program with some Follow-Up.

It allows us to provide your Talent with continuous support. Evaluate their work, advise them, bring them up to date with the latest market developments. During this period, we also offer exclusive benefits such as webinars with our partners and advanced certifications of your tools.

While we stay in regular contact during your project, the Follow-up also allows you to receive a full report on the capabilities your Talent has acquired.

Flexible and evolving planning

We have set a minimum number of months for each skill level. To fit in with your Talent’s schedule, our programme benefits from a flexible time allocation. Together we will build the schedule that best suits his or her schedule.

Each Talent passing through D-Asset has to develop new knowledge over the weeks.
Our courses range from the basics to the strategic thinking of each expertise and its platform.

Depending on the development of your employee, we will adapt our course content to ensure that it remains effective.



An approach tailored to your needs







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With more than 30 years of combined experience in digital marketing, D-Asset helps companies to internalise different areas of expertise. Social Media, SEA/SEO, Display/Video, Web Analytics, Web Redaction, Digital Marketing,...

Optimised staffing, concrete training, coaching and Follow up of your talent by a senior specialist... Seize all the opportunities offered by digital media with D-Asset!


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